Eileen Cave and the Black Experience at Dartmouth 

In the fall of 1972, Eileen Cave, a sixteen-year-old product of Brooklyn, New York, arrived in Hanover, NH to join Dartmouth's first class of women. During her three years on campus (her fourth year was spent studying off campus), Ms. Cave contributed greatly to the Dartmouth community, and more specifically, Dartmouth's Black community. Her time at the College reflects the Black community at the time: how race had an effect on coeducation, and how Black activism manifested on college campuses of mostly of white students. This exhibit aims to explore these themes while showcasing Ms. Cave's experience as a Dartmouth student. 

All-Black Cheerleading Squad

Eileen Cave, who was kind enough to share her story and inspire this exhibit, is pictured here, third from the left. 

Black Cheerleaders