Dreaming Ivy League: Breaking Barriers at Dartmouth College (Luis Hinojosa '24, Fall '23)

During a tumultuous time in U.S. history, Albert Moncure made the decision to attend Dartmouth College for his undergraduate education. Throughout this interview, we learn about life at Dartmouth and how it differed from the current student experience. We spoke about protests, sit-ins, a lack of diversity, and moments of racism on campus. Yet, for the most part, Moncure found that Dartmouth was a unique institution in which one could not easily find racism. 

Moncure had a unique experience at Dartmouth and was lucky to be able to have connections to the school before and after he attended. Before enrolling, he was inspired to attend an Ivy League by his father. He was also encouraged by his high school cross-country coach, who had attended Dartmouth. After graduating, Moncure was chosen to become part of a committee to improve diversity at Dartmouth and later became president of the Dartmouth Lawyers Association. 

Throughout this project, we talk about the U.S. from the 1920s onward and learn quite a lot about how the country has changed since then. Moncure and his family accomplished a great many things in a time when your race often determined whether you would be successful or not. Having broken these barriers, I hope that Moncure and his family proved that even in tumultuous times, perseverance, determination, and hard work lead to success.  

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