Making Her Mark: Celebrating Vicki Marks '73 (Laura Logan '22, Fall '22)

If you want your history written the way you want it written, you have to do it yourself. So, I am thrilled about the project and to have this history documented in the archives.

Vicki Marks

This exhibit will highlight the remarkable life and accomplishments of Vicki Marks. An Atlantan native and former marketing executive, Vicki graduated Dartmouth in 1973. This was a historic year, as she was among the first class of women admitted to Dartmouth as candidates for an undergraduate degree. As a Black woman, her experiences touch on both what it was like to be a woman during Dartmouth's first years of coeducation, and what it was like to be Black at a predominantly white institution in the 1970s. Some fifty years after graduation, Vicki reflects on  experiences in her life, education and career which contributed to her success. It is my hope that this project will spotlight her key traits of confidence, intelligence and altruism which have helped her to excel in multiple spaces, from the the Ivy League to corporate America.

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