Impacting the Next Gen: Just Trynna Help Somebody

As the conversation with George Spivey came to a close, I wanted to add a moment of reflection and ask every educator's favorite question: “What is something that one of your students had told you that you would never, ever forget?” The deep sigh he gave told me that this story was going to be about more than just any average student. Brother Spviey really does care for his students as his own, taking them in and being a father to the fatherless. These acts of kindness, which to many may seem extreme, to George are second nature. 

"Just trynna help somebody." These words from Mother Spivey have stuck with Brother Spivey through his 77 years of living. He made this one saying his way of life. Through the good and the bad, George is always there to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. To him, helping somebody isn’t done forcefully; it is done as if you tie your shoe -- second nature. His mother was known for this and, unconsciously, George made himself known for this, too. 

George Spivey has been living in the same community for some time now, and I am sure he has left an impact on his neighbors, students, and coworkers -- as his mother did before him. He is such a staple in all of his communities, whether his neighborhood or his school, where he passionately reminds the younger generation of their history. George's community involvement extends to additional avenues, including active participation in the Dartmouth Alumni Association and leveraging connections with his affluent friends to spearhead scholarship fundraising initiatives. Through these diverse engagements, Brother George Spivey has become an integral figure, leaving a lasting mark on the community fabric that extends far beyond his immediate surroundings.