Stand! For the Things You Know Are Right: An Exhibit Introduction (Hosaena Tilahun '25, Fall '21)

In 1972, J.B. Redding '76, daughter of Black business professionals and college graduates, felt academically confident matriculating into Dartmouth's first coed class. However, she had not accounted for the previously all-male student body's hostility towards the female presence. Thus, this exhibit centers on the overlooked, and often invisible, experiences of Black women at Dartmouth.

Based on Redding’s testimony, broader topics like growing up in the Civil Rights era, the College's recruitment strategy, strengthening the Black community at Dartmouth, and the prevalence of sexual violence amid coeducation are covered.

I invite you to listen, read, and critically engage with the excerpts from J.B. Redding's interview and the accompanying songs, articles, and pamphlets.

Thank you to Professors Julia Rabig and Bryan Winston for providing their feedback and expertise throughout the term and for the specialists at Rauner Special Collections Library.