Title Page of A History of New England


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Title Page of A History of New England
The document A History of New England which was written by Edward Johnson depicts many pieces of history regarding New England from 1628-1652. This book explores everything from the declared form of government to the push to increase trade between the colonies and England. This is significant because it demonstrates the importance of the factors that shaped New England. Many of the events, and components depicted in this book help to tell the tale of what made New England unique. The wars, forms of government, contacts with Indigineous peoples, and desire to increase trade all add to the formation of New England as an independent place. These are the events that helped to create a special identity that defined New England. (Brillante)
Edward Johnson
Date Created
England: printed for Nath: Brooke at the Angel in Corn-hill
Bibliographic Citation
Johnson, Edward. A History of New-England. From the English Planting in the Yeere 1628. Untill the Yeere 1652. Declaring the Form of Their Government, Civill, Military, and Ecclesiastique. Their Wars with the Indians, Their Troubles with the Gortonists, and Other Heretiq. England: printed for Nath: Brooke at the Angel in Corn-hill, n.d.
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