Acts & Laws of New Hampshire - Incest & Bastardy





Acts & Laws of New Hampshire - Incest & Bastardy


A 1716 law for the province of New Hampshire in New England that outlines the parameters of incest and the penalties for violating the law. The law on incest is very specific, defining all the possible relationships in which one might commit incest. If there is a marriage or child born of incest, such marriage or child is considered illegitimate or disabled. Violators of the law will be whipped, fined, and must wear the letter "I" on their clothes. There is also a separate law designed to protect bastard children and prevent their murders. The law makes it illegal for women or men to kill their bastard children in order to avoid shame or punishment.


New Hampshire

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Boston: B. Green & Eleazar Russel

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New Hampshire. Acts and Laws, Passed by the General Court or Assembly of His Majesties Province of New-Hampshire in New-England.

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