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Nova Virginia Tabula


"Nova Virginia Tabula" is a map of Virginia by Herman Moll in his written work "The World Described." Maps offer an interesting historical perspective because they often show what the map creators considered were important. In this case Moll's map provides a detailed visual representation of Virginia's settlements, especially when it comes to those of indigenous people. The map also consists of illustrations of indigenous peoples. The illustrations depict the natives as technologically backwards but also as noble and proud. This perspective of indigenous peoples was popular during the early colonization of North America and it often led to belief that the natives should be both christianized and civilized by European colonists. Hakluyt argued that the English should colonize in order to prevent the Spanish from converting the indigenous communities to Catholicism before they arrived. The map also has an illustration of what seems to be an indigenous gathering titled, "Status Regis Powhatan" or "The Status of King Powhatan." Powhatan is depicted as powerful and respected with many subjects gathered at his court. -Henry


Herman Moll

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Herman Moll

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Herman Moll. The World Described. London: Moll, 1709-1720

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