In the same way that Maps show how people view the world around them, histories can show how people view themselves. In addition, the fact that histories are written at all demonstrates a level of stability to a location, as a calm pursuing of the facts requires a lack of starvation and complete warfare (at least when you're on the losing side).  Below you'll find a quote on the history of Rhode Island from its founder, Roger Williams, as quoted in a historical book written by John Callender. 

(Marc Novicoff)Delete

John Callender, clergyman, historian, and Harvard graduate (at age 20; he started at age 13), wrote this history of Rhode Island, and in the shown excerpt is a Roger Williams quote about Rhode Island's origin. As you can tell by the text, this narrative of Rhode Island is highly romanticized, describing Rhode Island as "obtained by Love," rather than with good Indian diplomacy after a religiously motivated banishing from Salem. On a historiographical note, it is also notable that the practice of history in the 18th century had a much larger focus on interviews with participants in the history than historical narratives do today. (Marc Novicoff)