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Statement from the Board of Trustees





Statement from the Board of Trustees


In 1974, the Dartmouth Board of Trustees released a statement announcing “use of the [Indian] symbol in any form to be inconsistent with present institutional and academic objectives of the College in advancing Native American education.” The Board took no official action on removing the symbol because the College never formally adopted the symbol. Instead, the Board made it “a matter of individual conscience.” This statement is generally considered the official removal of the Indian symbol since it was the first time that the Board of Trustees discouraged its use.


Dartmouth Board of Trustees

Date Created

October 26, 1974


Rauner Special Collections Library

Bibliographic Citation

Dartmouth Board of Trustees. "Indian Symbol Statement Adopted by the Dartmouth Board of Trustees on October 26, 1974." Rauner Special Collections Library 1974.

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