Primary Source Bank

This is a resource bank for additional primary sources that were discussed in this project as well as sources that I never got around to writing about. It is important to note that these sources are no less important than those discussed, and many were left out of this project due to time constraints. With these sources available, I hope that future students and scholars spend time analyzing this music: music which is no less valuable or important than any other music that can be studied at Dartmouth. Finally, not all sources that were digitized for this project are used on the website or listed here due to copyright or file size. However, these sources are now held digitally by the library and are readily available for students who request them.

Freshman Trip's Songs:

Freshman Trips Songs

A series of old and new Dartmouth songs presented to freshmen during freshman year trips

Dartmouth Organ Fantasy:

Men of Dartmouth Organ Fantasy

The original sheet music for the Men of Dartmouth Organ Fantasy

Dartmouth Organ Fantasy Letter

Ewing's letter about the organ fantasy

Program For Dartmouth Organ Fantasy

The program outlining the construction of the organ fantasy's tunes

Other Music by Moses Courtwright Ewing '13:

The Dartmouth Hums:

Interfraternity Hums Part 1

Part 1 of the finals of the 1940 interfraternity hums competition

Interfraternity Hums Part 2

Part 2 of the finals of the 1940 interfraternity hums competition

Recordings of Dartmouth Traditionals:

Men of Dartmouth (RCS)

A recording of "Men of Dartmouth" with band accompaniment

Eleazar Wheelock (RCS)

A fairly high-quality recording of Eleazar Wheelock

Dartmouth Undying (RCS)

Notice that the ending is shorter than the version usually sung today

Dartmouth Football Medley (RCS)

A full recording of all the football traditionals

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