Harold Noice

Harold Noice began his career as an explorer in March 1915, departing from Seattle with intentions to capture scenic footage in Nome, Alaska. However, upon arrival, the organizer of the expedition failed to appear. Instead, Noice joined the Canadian Arctic Expedition alongside Captain Louis Lane of the Polar Bear crew

The expedition joined Vilhjalmur Stefansson at Cape Kellet, who had been cut off from the outside world for two years. While concerns had been raised about Stefansson's well-being, it quickly became evident that he was not in distress

It was at Cape Kellet where Noice began his mentorship under Stefansson. Enthusiastically accepting Stefansson's invitation to join his expedition, Noice expressed his delight, stating, "I had a chance to travel with a discoverer."

Noice's enthusiasm for Arctic exploration persisted beyond Stefansson's departure. He invested in his own ship and continued his explorations alongside a group of fellow explorers, including several Caucasians and “Eskimos”.

Harold Noice

Picture of Harold Noice

During the winter of 1918-1919, he resided among Indigenous communities at Point Agiak, immersing himself in their language, customs, and history. His observations challenged prevailing Western perceptions of Arctic Indigenous peoples, particularly regarding their religious beliefs and moral values.

Article on Noice's First Expedition

Article about Noice's first expedition to the Arctic, the beginings of his mentorship with Stefansson, and his return South.

Upon his return, Noice spoke highly of his experiences with Stefansson and expressed eagerness to continue his exploration endeavors. Reflecting on his mentorship with Stefansson, Noice lauded his mentor's willingness to impart the vast knowledge accumulated over years of Arctic and Antarctic exploration, stating that “He went out of his way to teach me some of the countless things he had learned in his long years of explorations in the Arctic and Antarctic.

This sets the stage for Noice's pivotal role in the Wrangel Island expedition rescue, where he rescues sole survivor Ada Blackjack and confronts the ensuing strain in his relationship with Stefansson.