Digital exhibits made by Dartmouth students for undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses, with the collaboration of Dartmouth faculty and the Dartmouth Library.

History 10 Exhibits

Digital exhibits from HIST10 W20

History 10.03 (Fall 2020)

Exhibits from Professor Edward Miller's Fall 2020 History 10 Course, "The Dartmouth Vietnam Project: Learning Oral History in a Digital Age"

History 13 (Winter 2020)

Digital exhibits from HIST 13 (Winter 2020)

The Indian Symbol at Dartmouth: A Story of Voices and Silence

Exhibits from Prof. Darrin McMahon's Spring 2020 History 08.07 (Spring 2020)

The Values of Medicine

Exhibits by students in Professor Sienna Craig's first-year seminar Anthropology 7: The Values of Medicine (Winter 2020)